collection 052


An entire collection dedicated to our signature design, the wrap dress. Audrey's first-ever design but also, the dress that launched her career as a designer. In celebration, we explore our iconic silhouette in different colours, lengths & shapes.


    Our Signature Style

    Midi length, batwing sleeves & a half high neck

    Classic but Casual

    Midi length, batwing sleeves & a round neck

    Our Classic Down to Ankle-Length

    Maxi length, batwing sleeves & a half high neck

    Our Latest Design

    Maxi length, fitted sleeves, round neck & a 360 wrap
  • the wrap: poetry in motion

    our wrap, your words

    “Wearing the wrap unties dichotomies - it is comfortable, yet elegant, cosy, yet luxurious”

    “I bought my black wrap dress almost one year ago - and I can't get enough of it! The dress is a staple in my wardobe. I could go on and on about how amazing the fit & fabric are and how sexy & confident I feel in it.”

    “Audrey's wrap dress made me feel super free, empowered (didn't know that was possible). I raved about the dress & the brand to everyone. So, so happy. Best purchase! Audrey is a champion for creating this feeling for women.”

    “Magical, anything is possible when I wear it and I feel sexy, powerful, untouchable”

    “For the first time since having my baby, I felt so body confident, so damn sexy and it was all down to Audrey's wrap dress. I received so many comments from people & had at least 5 women ask me when it was from.”

    “Gorgeous, gorgeous wrap dresses. So thrilled I bought both black & white! Thank you Audrey for designing and making something comfortable, lined and with good coverage for real women.”

    “A hug from your favourite person, arms wrapped perfectly around the small of your waist”

    “I am absolutely in love with my wrap dress. Audrey is a genius!”

    “The wrap dress is SO GOOD. So comfortable, fits like a dream. I almost cried. I immediately got a whistle and was told I was a work of art by my boyfriend.”

    “When you don't know what to wear, this dress is exactly what you'll wear"”

    “Powerful, like the patriarchy is about to crumble, powerful”

    “This dress is my identity. It celebrates every curve on me & work no matter how I or a situation fluctuates”

    “A dress that understood the assignment: hide my belly while out for dinner.”