About Audrey Leighton

“To curate rather than to shop - is a belief I’ve long loved when it comes to our wardrobes as women. To carefully consider and construct the story we’d like our clothes to tell. I’ve always said, ‘clothing is poetry in motion’. Good style takes time. And the pieces you deserve to be wearing? Those are hard to find. And so, it was based on these sartorial ideas, I decided to launch Audrey Leighton, a once monthly curated collection of vintage treasures & limited, luxury pieces designed by yours truly. To collect and cherish for years and years and to be worn over and over again. I cannot wait to see the narratives you’ll live in these treasures of mine. ”



Every month we launch a new vintage curated collection alongside our design staple garments. We don’t stock product in quantity and very few pieces will ever see a restock. We prefer to keep each collection, unique, one of a kind, limited and special to both you and us. Our design pieces are handmade in Spain at our atelier, they too are very limited in quantity. 


Vintage clothing is poetic because within their textures are stories worn by women past. However, some of our items will come with minor wear & tear, and those will be outlined specifically within the product’s description.


Please consult our returns & shippings pages for all relevant customer info. We also urge you to always contact us with queries via email, customersupport@audreyleightonvintage.com